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Who I am and what I do

Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m a digital content writer with 13 years of professional writing experience under my belt.

Since I set up my freelance content writing service in 2008, I’ve been crafting content for businesses, organisations and charities throughout the UK and beyond.

If you love what you do but you struggle with wording, I’ll help you:

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Tell your story, so you can draw in your dream customers or clients.

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Share your knowledge, so you become known as an expert in your field.

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Boost your search engine ranking, so you attract more website visitors.

Based in North Birmingham and working remotely, I can help with a variety of content marketing projects, from one-off blog posts to in-depth feature articles.

I can also refresh or polish your existing content, to ensure that your website makes a great first impression.

Why choose this digital content writer?

The smiling Birmingham digital content writer with short grey hair who runs this copywriting service.
  • I’m a skilled wordsmith who’s been writing professionally for 12 years, so you can trust me to take care of your content.
  • I’ve created content for small businesses, established brands, start-ups, community organisations, charities and magazines. Check out my portfolio to see some samples.
  • I’m a versatile writer who’s written about a huge variety of topics, from Fairtrade jewellery to supply chain management. My specialist subjects? Education, careers, health and wellbeing.
  • I’m dedicated to my craft and my clients, so you’ll get 100% commitment and content that’s delivered on time.
  • I get plenty of positive feedback, as you’ll see below.

“Excellent article, Anna. Thank you. No edits required.

Suzy Darke, Editor and copywriter

“Annette has asked me to pass on her thanks and appreciation for the blog posts you’ve been producing for us. I believe the word used was fab!”

Alison Seabourne, Zinc Media

Get to know me better

I spent 8 years working with dyslexic school pupils and adult learners before I decided to follow my heart and become a writer.

I’m the owner of an irresistibly cute cockerpoo who spends most of the day snoozing under my desk.

I once received a handwritten letter from Judi Dench, offering me acting advice! Read my blog to discover the whole story.

I’m a committed Christian and I’m currently involved in an exciting church plant in Birmingham.

The small black curly dog who helps this West Midlands content writerwork.
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