Why choose me as your freelance copywriter? Here are 5 great reasons.

A freelance copywriter hunched over her typewriter

Struggling to write words for your blog post, article or how to guide? Then you might have considered hiring a freelance copywriter to write them for you. But with so many wordsmiths to choose from, selecting the right one can be tricky.

So before you decide whether to contact me, I thought I’d share my five favourite reasons why your business and my words could be the perfect match.

1.I have oodles of experience

If you’re planning to work with a freelance copywriter, it’s important to find one who really knows their stuff and cares about their craft. So here are my credentials:

  • I’ve been a professional writer for over 12 years.
  • I’ve written blog posts, articles, and website content for well-known brands, small local businesses, charities, digital agencies and magazines (see my portfolio for examples).
  • I’ve covered a multitude of topics including education, parenting, weddings, baking, fashion, Fairtrade jewellery, luxury bags, property, interior design and mental health and chronic illness.
  • Thanks to my experience, I’ve become a dab hand at research, so new topics don’t phase me. In fact, I thrive on variety, which is why I’m currently writing for an education company, an eco-friendly marketplace and a honey retailer.
  • I have diplomas in copywriting and journalism and I’m currently completing an in-depth diploma in digital marketing.

2.I know my way around the English language

Like many freelance copywriters, I’m a word nerd who penned stories from an early age. During my teens and twenties I studied literature, won poetry competitions, performed Shakespeare at the Edinburgh Fringe and wrote a children’s book (which I’ve recently published).

However, I also have experience of teaching English, as I began my career working with a charity that provides one-to-one tutoring for primary school pupils.  Following this, I spent a number of years supporting dyslexic teenagers, before training as a literacy tutor with Birmingham Adult Education Service.

Thanks to my teaching experience and the training I’ve completed along the way, I have an excellent grasp of the English language and a passion for clear, waffle free writing.

3.I’m creative at heart

I’m a drama graduate, poet, author and freelance copywriter, so you could say that creativity runs though me like words through a stick of rock. But how does this help your business?

Well, if we work together, you’ll find that my mind is constantly fizzing with fresh ideas for content. So if your blog has lost its sparkle, I can help you to come up with a variety of enticing topics or even take care of your content calendar.

Creativity also helps me to craft original content and copy that my clients are proud of. I delve deeply into each topic before bringing it to life with language that ignites curiously and inspires trust. And once I’ve written your content, I can help you to make the most of it by transforming a few snippets into social media posts.

4. My process is simple

My process is designed to gather all the information I need as smoothly as possible, so that I can crack on with researching and writing while you crack on with your to-do list. Here are the main steps involved:

Step 1

You message me via my contact page or send an email to We then arrange a short chat about your business, the type of content you need and your budget.

Step 2

If you decide I’m the freelance copywriter for you, I send you my terms and conditions along with an invoice for a small deposit.

Step 3

I send you a briefing form, so you can describe the aims of your content, your target audience and anything else you want me to know. we’ll also discuss a deadline for the first draft.

Step 4

I research, plan and write your content, before asking you to check it. Two rounds of revisions are included, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to request changes.

5.I’m a great listener

If you’re a small business owner, it might help to think of your website as a shop window that needs to grab people’s attention before persuading them to step inside. As an experienced writer, it’s my job to come up with the words that will draw your reader though the shop door, so that they can discover your products or services.

But if you decide to work with me, I won’t put pen to paper until I’ve spent some times listening to you. And that’s because you know your customers and your business much better than me.

You know the value and benefits of the products and services you’re selling. You know how they meet your customers’ needs and solve their problems. You also know how your customers speak, what kind of questions they ask and which products they love the most.

Once I’ve gathered all the information I need to understand your business and the people you’re targeting, I’ll use it to create compelling content that draws in your dream customers like bees to honey.

Convinced we’re the perfect match? Feel free to send me a message via my contact page or you can drop me an email at I look forward to chatting about your project!

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