Content marketing: 5 brilliant benefits for your business

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Whether you sell wedding cakes or cars, content marketing is a great way to generate more leads and nurture your current customers.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here are five excellent reasons why you should be writing content for your business.

1.It creates a great impression

47% of buyers view between three and five pieces of content before they engage with a particular company. So if your website is brimming with valuable, easily digestible blog posts and articles, you’ll start building a relationship with potential buyers from the very first time they land on your website.

Publish fresh content regularly and your readers will soon see you as an authoritative, credible source of free information. As a result, they’re much more likely to think of you when they’re ready to invest in your product or services.

2.Google loves fresh content

Consistently creating new content is also a great way to increase your website traffic, because it gives Google a reason to crawl and reindex your site. This will help you to maintain or even improve your ranking.

But before you start writing that new blog post, it’s best to find out what kind of content your target audience is actually looking for. If you have a topic in mind, does it actually answer people’s questions or give them the information they need?

For example, if you run a celebration cake business, your audience might be looking for an inspirational blog post that explores different birthday cake ideas. So if you’ve written a blog post about this very subject, your website has a good chance of appearing when your prospect types their query into Google.

Check out my previous blog post to discover how to generate content that resonates with your target audience and incorporates the keywords they’re using.

3.You control your content

The main issue with relying on social media for your content marketing is that you’re not in control of the platform or its algorithm. Organic reach is shrinking, particularly on Facebook, and if you violate the terms and conditions of your account, you could lose access to it.

In contrast, any content that you publish on your website is under your control. If you produce content consistently, you’ll end up with an impressive bank of resources that will draw in your target audience and keep your current customers coming back for more. And if a blog post becomes dated, you can either refresh it or repurpose it.

4.It’s shareable

Once you’ve written a blog post or article, you can amplify it by sharing a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can even include a link to it in your email newsletter if you have one.  

Sharing your content in this way will enable you to reach a larger audience, gain feedback, spark conversations and drive traffic to your website.

When it comes to sharing your content on social media, you’ll need to think about repurposing it creatively, as different customers enjoy different kinds of content. For example, if you’ve written a blog post featuring some useful tips and your target audience hangs out on Instagram, why not add a few of the tips to a Carousel post? You could also use Canva to transform a selection of quotable snippets into colourful graphics.

5.It helps you to build your audience

If people enjoy reading the blog posts and articles on your website, they’ll be keen to keep up to date with your latest content. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a regular email newsletter that your followers can sign up to receive. And once they’ve signed on the dotted line, you won’t have to rely on them returning to your website, as you’ll have permission to contact them via email.

Email marketing is a great way to nurture your audience, build trust and boost awareness of your projects or services, so make the most of this opportunity by including an invitation to sign up for your newsletter after every blog post.

The next step

Keen to start content marketing for your business or organisation? Check out my other blog posts for some practical tips.

Alternatively, you can hire me to write your content for you, saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

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