Content editing service

Content editor typing on a white laptop against a bright blue background

Refresh your words with my content editing service

Is the website content you’ve already written sounding tired? Do your blog posts need perking up?

Fear not, as my content editing service is just a click away!

If you’re not 100% happy with your existing content, I’ll review and adjust your wording, so you walk away with content that’s clear, concise and readable without losing your personality and style.

How does my content editing service work?

  • We start with a short chat about your content, so you can share any relevant information or concerns.
  • You transfer the words you want to be reviewed into a Word document and provide web links to the original content.
  • I review your content for readability, clarity and repetitive use of words, before editing it.
  • I send you the refreshed content in a new Word document (I won’t change the original document).

How much will I pay?

This option might suit you if you’re a business on a budget, as I won’t be writing your content from scratch.

The price will vary depending on the complexity and length of your content, but my day rate is a very reasonable £175, which equates to £25 per hour.